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Different T Shirt Print Processes Have Different Advantages

While you have designed your t shirts by yourself, you may want to paint the design on them. Well, there are different processes to paint the t shirts. According to your requirements and the tools you have, you could choose different methods. Without doubts, different processes are capable of making the final products with various qualities. The brightness of the colors, the stability of the pictures and the cleanness of the patterns will be separated into different quality grades. Do you want to paint you DIY t shirt with bright color? Do you want to keep the color for a long time without fading?

One of the popular t shirt print processes is screen printing. The screen made from the woven fabric is stretches over a wood board. And the screen is covered by some non-permeable materials. The areas where are not covered are used to soak the color into the t shits deeply. This process is relatively cheaper but the higher skill is required to form a perfect design. Besides, while your are making colorful designs, you are not recommended to take this process.

DTG which is short for direct to garment printing is much easier to control. It is used to paint the pictures on the t shirts directly with the help of a traditional inkjet printer. In addition to the easy operation, DTG is helpful to paint the colorful images and it is endowed with higher production capacity. Of course, this process is a little more expensive that the from one.

Heat transfer painting is another simple way to paint the t shirt. Generally, the ink is transferred from the carrier paper to the t shirts while being heated. It is not expensive and it could be operated simply. What's more, the color is easy to be soaked into t shirts deeply.

In addition, there are other processes which could be used to paint the t shirts. And in order to create a perfect DIY t shirt, you need to pay attention to other aspects as well, such as the quality of the shirts and the ink. In order to keep the color staying clear for a long time, there is no doubt that you should choose the high quality ink.

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