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Brief Introduction to Flame Retardant Fabric Material

Have you ever heard of fire resistant fabric before? There are various kinds of textiles for your selection and flame retardant material is really one of the popular ones. Flame retardant fabric also can be called fire resistant fabric. It is one of the textile that is more resistant to fire than others. The flame retardant sock is one of the products made of flame retardant materials actually.

As its name implies, flame retardant means fire proof actually. Generally, this material has a lower burning rate than other materials, but it still will burning when the burning rate achieves. The main function of the flame retardant material is to reduce the fire spread to avoid some risks.

You can make flame retardant fabric by using natural fibers. Taking cotton for an example, you can treat cotton with a chemical that reduces its flammability. This kind of chemical that can be used to reduce its flammability of fabric will react with the tars and gases that are naturally produced by the fabric.

There are various kinds of flame retardant materials both in domestic and international markets actually. And different fire retardant fabrics have different levels of durability when exposed to heat and flame. Taking polyester for an example, it can be manufactured so that fire resistant properties are built into the structure of the fibers themselves.

The applications of fire retardant base layer is wide actually. One of the most common use of the fabric is in making suits for fire fighters. Frankly, it is made of the most durable fire resistant fabrics that are available, including cutting-edge fabrics. You can find other fire resistant products, like fire resistant socks, fire resistant shirts and so forth. For more detailed information about flame retardant products, you are advised to visit this website: www.yonglee.com

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