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Bra Styles - You May Have the Interest

There are various kinds of bras for your selection. They are created or designed with different shapes, sizes, fabrics, and fashions. The science of the bra has progressed incredibly to provide amazing support and exceptional comfort for users. Generally, like other fashion trends for outerwear, bra trends come and go frequently. But there are also a few bra styles that will not be out of fashion.

Taking some of the popular bras for example, you can choose the proper one according to your own favorite. For examle, there are T-shirt bras, demi bras, strapless bras, convertible bras, and so forth. Generally, T-shirt bra is a classic style which is characterized by its molded cups, seamless appearance, and invisibility beneath T shirts and knit shirts alike. It gives the breasts shape without padding or pushing up which creates a natural but sculpted look.

As to women with smaller breasts, demi bra should be the best choice. Demi bra, different from T-shirt bra, it only covers about half to three quarters of the breast to create a more beautiful cleavage and lift. In comparison with traditional bra, it is little sexy.

One of the most popular bras in the world should be push up bras since it can give even the least endowed women the look of an ample chest. There are various kinds of pad levels ranging from lightly lined to heavily padded.

Strapless bra should be the best choice when you wear shoulderless shirts. It lacks straps for support and usually integrate other means of support. There are small rubber patches inside the bra adhere to your skin to hold the bra in place and prevent slippage.

Although the fashion trends come and go frequently, these kinds of bras are still very popular among consumers. Frankly, Shanghai Yonglee is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bras. And our Fire retardant base layer proudcts are well manufactured of selected materials. We are well known for high quality and competitive price. To get more detailed information about our products and services, you are advised to visit our website: www.yonglee.com

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